Retro Rarities Music

This is a tribute to some of the unique and forgotten music and artists of the past.
Some of this music and the artists never received the chance they deserved, some deserve to be forgotten.
None the less, enjoy my tribute to Retro Rarites

My first installment is probably one of my favorite songs ever, to not make it big.
If I were to be backed into a corner and told I absolutely have to pick my favorite song of all time, it would be ‘She’s Got Love’ by Thomas & Richard Frost.
Here are a couple of incredibly talented Northern California brothers who never really caught a break.
Rich and Tom Martin played rock and roll, surf music and garage rock for nearly a decade.  John Antoon, who later became their manager, heard the Martins and signed them to his publishing company and later to Imperial Records. 
In the 60’s, promotion was everything to get a record played on the radio.  Imperial Records had just been purchased by Liberty Records and soon to fall under the umbrella of United Artists Records.
With a lot on their plate, the suits at UA decided that the boys were not important enough to push very hard as new artists.  Even their critically acclaimed album “Visualize” which was just about to be finished was deemed unimportant and shelved never to be released until being rediscovered several years ago and reissued.
In fact, it was cancelled at such a late stage that production masters complete with catalogue number and half-completed artwork sat in the vaults until a few years ago. Tom and Rich's next project was an accomplished country-rock album for UNI Records while the truly unique pop experiment of "Visualize" remained a closed chapter until its reissue.
The album includes: Intro/She's Got Love / Where Did Yesterday Go / Woodstock / On Our Way Home / The City / The Word Is Love / With Me My Love / Gotta Find A New Place To Stay / December Rain / Come Clap Your Hands / If I Can't Be Your Lover/Outro Bonus Tracks Hello Stranger / Fairytale Affair / Open Up Your Heart / Everyday Judy .
Therefore ‘She’s Got Love’ not really being promoted as a hot new single, never really got the airplay it deserved and only reached number 83 nationally while it reached Top 20 in many smaller markets and even Top 10 in certain cities like Los Angeles.
Richard says ‘She’s Got Love’ was written about a girl that he and a friend picked up one day hitchhiking.  They recognized her as being a model and tried to make conversation, but she never said a word except “thanks” after they dropped her at her destination.
He believes the record was banned on many stations because of the line in the song “and she won’t give it out to no one”.
’She’s Got Love’ which included Mars Bonfire on guitar (best known for writing Born To Be Wild) was actually their demo submitted to Imperial Records and was released as it was recorded with only (as Richard put it) “massive amounts of strings and horns” added.
Click below to listen to She's Got Love by Thomas and Richard Frost. 
Released October 25, 1969. Peaking at number 83, it stayed on Billboards Hot 100 for 4 weeks.



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