This is a tribute to some of the unique and forgotten music and artists of the past.
Some of this music and the artists never received the chance they deserved, some deserve to be forgotten.
None the less, enjoy my tribute to Retro Rarites

   She's Got Love - Thomas & Richard Frost
 Saint Louis - The Easybeats
 Baby Come Back - The Equals
 Holly Go Softly - Cornerstone
 Why Should I Cry & He'll Never Love You - The Gentrys
 Wedlock Is A Padlock - Laura Lee
 So Much Love - Faith, Hope & Charity
 Nobody But You Babe & I'm Gonna Tear You A New Heart - Clarence Reid
 Fresh As A Daisy & With My Face On The Floor - Emitt Rhodes
 Swinging Tight & Nothing Succeeds Like Success - Bill Deal & The Rhondels
   Everybody Knows Matilda - Duke Baxter
 This Will Be Our Year - The Zombies

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