Retro Rarities Music

This is a tribute to some of the unique and forgotten music and artists of the past.
Some of this music and the artists never received the chance they deserved, some deserve to be forgotten.
None the less, enjoy my tribute to Retro Rarites

The Easybeats, thought to be one hit wonders in the U.S., were a very successful Rock and Roll band from Australia.  Formed in Sydney in 1964 and together until late 1969, they were considered to be the first Australian band to be an international success on the pop charts in 1966.  (Note: The seekers were also from Australia but they were categorized as folk-rock, not pop or rock and roll.)
The five founding members: lead singer Stevie Wright and drummer Gordon "Snowy" Henry Fleet were from England; rhythm guitarist George Young was from Scotland; lead guitarist Harry Vanda and bassist Dick Diamonde were from The Netherlands. The Easybeats were like the Beatles of Australia. In fact by the end of 1965 they were the most popular and successful group in their country. Their shows and appearances often turned into hysteria which the media called; "similar to'Beatlemania'" and was soon dubbed 'Easyfever'. Stevie Wright's performances, which included energetic dancing and onstage backflips, were also matched with his strong songwriting abilities. They became so popular, The Easybeats were signed to one of Australia's oldest and largest music publishing companies, the family owned J. Albert & Sons.
Their singles included: "For My Woman" - "She's So Fine" - "Wedding Ring" - "Sad, Lonely and Blue " (1965)  - "Women" - "Come and See Her" - "Sorry" - "Friday on My Mind" (1966) - "Do You Have a Soul" - "Heaven and Hell" - "The Music Goes Round My Head" (1967) - "Hello How Are You?" - "Good Times" - "Lay Me Down and Die" (1968) - "St. Louis" - "H.P. Man" (1969).
After touring into 1967, the band started to experience personnel changes. Stevie Wright and Gordon Henry Fleet left the group to be replaced by Tony Cahill and Freddie Smith. This then began the songwriting partnership of Harry Vanda and George Young.
The Vanda and Young songwriting team wrote many successful hit songs over the years including "Bring a Little Lovin'" covered by Los Bravos, "Come In, You'll Get Pneumonia", by Paul Revere and the Raiders and they wrote and produced several major hits for John Paul Young including "Love Is in the Air" and "Yesterday's Hero", recorded by Bay City Rollers. The duo would eventually form ‘Flash In The Pan` and have numerous hits into the 1990s.
Vanda and Young also produced the first six albums for AC/DC which incidentally featured George's younger brothers Angus Young and Malcolm Young.
By 1968 the group began to drift apart and by the end of 1969 they officially disbanded but not before they recorded several more songs, some of which were included on their last album "Friends".
There would be the only 2 songs actually by the band on the "Friends" album, which was in fact not a real Easybeats album at all. It was for the most part, with the exception of  "St. Louis" and "Rock & Roll Boogie”, a compilation of tracks that were recorded in England by Vanda and Young, intended as 'demos' for other artists. The album was issued in the UK in October, then in the USA in November on the Rare Earth label.
It is the next to last single that we feature here today. It entered the Billboard chart on November 15, 1969, and peaked at a whopping # 100 for 1 week. Regardless, it still received lots of airplay on small to medium market radio stations across the country.
Click below to hear a great forgotten song - the rockin' "St. Louis" by the Easybeats.



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