66-67 Charger Service Manual Suppliment

66-67 Charger Service Booklet

Service Manual Suppliment - Hemi

Full 1967 Service Manual

1967 Charger Engine - Ballast - Plugs & Specs

66-67 Charger Engine Timing/Specs -quick reference

1967 Bulbs - Fuses - Circuit Breakers

EL Instrument Cluster Repair/Restore

Decode your 66 or 67 Fender Tag  courtesy Bryan Ashcraft

66 or 67 Headlamp Relays  courtesy Bryan Ashcraft

67 Charger Paint Codes

66-67 Charger Stripe Info

67 Steering and Horn Ground

67-69 Steering Coupler Improvement

1966-1967 Chrysler Vin Info

66-67 Charger Schematics

727 Transmission Identification

Electronic Ignition Conversion

Vent Window Assembly  courtesy Bill Mann

Power Window Relay  courtesy Bryan Ashcraft

Power Window Regulator Restore  courtesy DC_1

Power Window Motor Repair/Rebuild  courtesy Mr. C

HVAC/Heater Box Restoration  courtesy Jason Coffey

Mopar Batteries

1973 Chrysler Vin & Fender Tag Info

73 -74 Charger Schematics

71 B Body Wiring Connector & Color Reference courtesy Dano (dangina)

 73 Mopar Parts Catalog

73 Charger Interior & Paint Reference

73 Bulbs - Fuses - Circuit Breakers

73 Charger Specs Book

Carter Thermoquad Information Guide various sources including Gary Lewallen (akaVaanth)

72 Chrysler Thermoquad Reference Book

Federal Mogul Thermoquad Reference Book

1973 Dodge Service Manual

Repair/Restore your Horns courtesy RobertsRT

Steering and Suspension

Glove Box Lock Info courtesy Fred Lautenbach (6pktgo)

73 - 74 Speed Control & Wiring

Speed Control & Concealed Headlamps

73 Radio Troubleshooting Guide