In memory of Carl "Cam" Cameron

On September 5, 2006 at approximately 7 PM, the automotive industry mourned the passing of automotive designer,
Carl "Cam" Cameron.
He was 71 years old.
Carl's spent many years with Chrysler and was responsable for the design of the 1966 Dodge Charger, 1967 Dodge Dart,
and 1970 Dodge Challenger,  in addition to his work with product identity at Chrysler.

My wife and I had the great pleasure of meeting Cam on several occasions as he almost always attended the Charger conventions and Chrysler Nationals at Carlisle.
He was always eager to explain designs and happy to tell stories of the "glory days" at Chrysler. 
Our first meeting was at 5:30pm at Carlisle when his appearance was scheduled to end at 4pm.  None the less, he signed autographs and spoke with us as if he had just arrived.
Our thoughts go to his family with best wishes.
God speed Cam, you will always be in our hearts.

RIP Carl Cameron.